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Behavior Consultations
Team Coordination and Family Advocating
  • The Blooming Child offers SEIT services to supplement or supervise SEIT mandates provided by the DOE.

  • TBC can meet with your child's classroom teachers and coordinate your child's team of SEITs.

  • We provide educational consulting, where we will advise you regarding your child's DOE services and school placement, as well as attend meetings with you at the DOE.


We observe and evaluate challenging behaviors at home or at school and provide the family with strategies to modify those behaviors and reinforce positive behaviors.

The Blooming Child Family

We value the insight of parents and believe in family-centered support.

The Blooming Child, Inc.



Private Education Services

Preschool Studio is a division of The Blooming Child that is focused on helping parents support kids' progress in all developmental areas from age 2-6 years, including providing parents and nannies strategies for teaching new skills, reinforcing positive behavior, structuring the daily routine, easing transitions, and potty training.

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