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Sam was the best therapist Sydney (now 8) ever had. Sam worked with Sydney for 3 straight years almost every day from when she turned 3 years old. Sam became Sydney's best friend. She understood who Sydney was, knew what she was capable of. Sam brought out all the possibilities that Sydney had and made it come alive. Sam is a relentless teacher with endless patience, Sam never rests, never stops and never gives up.  She'd always find a new way to try until it works! That gave Sydney so much confidence. It was just wonderful to see how my daughter blossomed. I can confidently say that the time my Sydney spent with Sam made Sydney come as far as she did.

- Sophie Kim, Mom  June 20, 2014

"Sam was an angel sent from heaven for my son. For 3 and 1/2 years Sam got him to do things that no one else ever could. He eagerly pulled her into his room to play every time she arrived, and by the end of each ABA session he had made progress and had learned new skills. Sam always demonstrated what she was working on with him during and after the sessions and that helped our whole family understand how to help him. Sam is passionate, committed, and caring, always went above and beyond, and never gave up believing in my son's potential. Sam always stayed calm and kept my husband and me calm thru every step of a challenging road. She blended in around our extended family, neighbors, and friends at the park. To this day people ask me where my son learned certain skills, like when they see how proficient he is using PECS, and I always tell them, "That was our Sam." We just can't say enough ...We love Sam."

AnnMarie D, Tribeca Mom  June, 2014

Sam had a wonderful rapport with my son from the first day she started with him. She also had a good relationship with all the children in his classroom and with all the teachers at my son's school. Her ability to connect with my son and her talent at teaching and motivating him were both truly remarkable. She has excellent communication skills; I always received detailed feedback regarding his progress daily and was always well aware what was going on during his school day. Sam was able to push my son enough to make all her days with him productive. Sam always had a positive attitude and a warm demeanor. You could tell from the start that she really loved my son and really enjoyed working with children. I recommend Sam without reservation.

Jen, UES Mom  June, 2014


As a parent of 3 children, one on the spectrum of autism who has had SEITs for many years, and as a classroom teacher in an UES Manhattan preschool, I speak from experience about Samantha Allen and her expert skills. She was a positive and enthusiastic addition to our classroom and blended in seamlessly so that no one could tell which student in the class she was supporting. Sam was able to help the child make progress in any area needed, and helped him integrate socially and form successful relationships with peers. Sam is passionate, caring, and dedicated to helping her students be successful, both in and outside the classroom. I highly recommend Samantha's educational services.” 
Leslie Harris, Teacher  June 17, 2014
"Sam you are awesome!!! I've never seen such a great teacher or SEIT such as like you! Takuo has had 4 SEIT since he goes RIDN, they were good, but they've never report like this and they couldn't give me an answer what is the issues and what I can do to help. You have really helpful for me! You have a great insight!!! We need you all along, wish he had you from beginning! Everybody else Takuo just cry or does not respond. You come and he plays with you with his toys and talks to you. You are very special."

Keiko, Mom  June 20, 2014


"We feel extremely lucky to have met Sam.  She has been a warm, encouraging and enthusiastic influence over our son since the day they met.  She has worked to give him confidence in social situations and encouraged him to be self- assured and positive in the activities they work on.  She is not only a teacher to him, but a friend who he looks forward to seeing each session. She is a great professional and expert in her field always thinking of fun and inventive ways to encourage our son's continued success.  We thank her for time and commitment to his advances.

Allison, Mom  July 20, 2014


"Sam is tireless and passionate. She gives everything. Our daughter was put on a blessed trajectory and Sam was such an important part of that for many years."

Gene, Dad







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