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Room To Bloom: 
Optimized Classrooms
Behavioral Support
  • We work with the school to develop a plan to support each child's success that is customized to fit the structure and philosophy of the classroom and school. The Blooming Child can provide a SEIT to implement a student's individualized plan or provide ongoing follow-up support as needed.  

  • The Blooming Child provides professional development workshops.


We support Preschools in creating an environment that facilitates the success of all different learners.  Our classroom optimization team, comprised of an educational specialist and a professional organizer, will create custom systems for each classroom to promote students' learning, increase their on-task behavior, and meet their various processing and sensory needs. The optimization process includes meeting with all teachers to assess the current set-up of their classrooms, and then recommending and instituting classroom layout changes to ease transitions, support fine and gross motor needs, and increase attention, processing, and on-task behavior. The Blooming Child collaborates with a professional organizer to create the ultimate optimized space for each child to bloom. Enlist our services prior to the start of the school year and/or schedule appointments throughout the school year for maintenance or support.

We have substitute SEITs, shadows, teachers, and assistants available for part-time or full-time coverage. The Blooming Child has knowledgeable, conscientious, experienced, professionals who can blend into any environement.


The Blooming Child helps schools optimize learning.


Private Educational Services

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